Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Unblock Blocked Websites

In these days we have a common problem. The problem is blocked web sites.

Most of the ISP blocks web sites using our IP address. But there are many ways to bypass these web sites. Today we are going to talk about some methods to bypass a blocked web site. Then here we go.
1.Method one
This is the oldest trick in the book. Some ISP just blocks the Web address not the IP. So we can log in to these sites     open the command prompt.
Type the command “ping” “the web side you want to unblock”.
It will show you an IP address.
copy it to your browser.

2.Method two 

This is a more advanced way. You will have to use your internet connection. This method uses web site called proxy sites. As an example . This is popular proxy site. And there are many more proxy sites out there. Also you can use a little app called “Ultrasurfer” that change your browser home page in to a proxy search engine. You can download it from .

3. Method three (windows vista/7 users only)

This is the final method and the most advanced one. This method called VPN aka “Virtual private Network”. This method will allow us to connect to a network that is in another country and when we do your ISP will recognize your IP as a foreign IP. For this you will have to go to .and in the home page there is user name and password. Just copy it.
1  .Go to control panel
2  .Go to network and internet
3  .Click Network and sharing center
4  .Click set up a new connection or network
5  .Click connect to work place
6  .Choose create new connection
7  .Click use my internet connection(VPN)
8  .Then select your default connection
9  .The copy the user name and password that you got earlier
10.Then connect.
And you are done…Enjoy surfing…!

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